Monday, June 21, 2010

Spearfish Canyon

Well, the rookies went fly fishing this weekend, and no we didn't catch anything. Even before we had a line in the water, our camp host, who had taken the day off to visit Spearfish Canyon, spotted us on Spearfish Creek, came down the hill like a whirlwind on us, and told us everything we were doing wrong (which was just about everything). We are so thankful for all his helpful advice, as we were then able to get one fly-rod up and running.

Our biggest problem after that, was not having the right kind of flies to tie on, something we have since corrected with a quick stop at Cabela's in Rapid City, where we received even more helpful instruction from a very patient man named Jason.

Fly-fishing, whether you're doing it right or not, does lend itself to some great pictures though, don't you think?
And the day was not a waste, because let me tell you, every moment in Spearfish Canyon takes your breath away. I wish so much that I was a “skilled” photographer who could really get the message across to you of just how beautiful this place is. I guess you're just going to have to come take a look for yourself!

We've enjoyed thunderstorms just about every day here I think, but they're scattered storms that happen in a way as to allow you to enjoy great portions of the day with perfect weather. As I'm writing this though, we seem to be experiencing a good deal of hail. It began as pea-sized hail, but quickly turned to much bigger chunks. It actually stopped for awhile, but now as I'm writing this, the hail has begun anew, and it sounds pretty scary! The chunks are much bigger now. As a side-note, the campground's located on “Brimstone Place” We don't like the idea of hail on Brimstone Place!!! Anyway, it's beginning to look like we may experience a tornado soon, but with the hills in the way, it's a little difficult to tell. I'll let you know what happens.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of Spearfish Canyon, Trevor fly-fishing, and of course the lovely hail!!!

Love you all,

That's us right at the bottom of what looks like a flaming comet on the radar.


  1. Great photos, Roni! Sturgis looks beautiful. Thanks for keeping us posted on your's almost like we are right there with you.

    Love you both,

  2. We wish all of you had a blog so we could keep up with each of you as well. Think about it and get back to us with an address, okay?

  3. Your pictures of Sturgis are beautiful. Trevor looks like he should be on an ESPN fishing show with stunning back drop behind him. Glad to see you guys are having so much fun. God speed.