Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What Desert?

It’s hard to believe you’re in the desert when everything around you is lush with green grass, flowers and running water, like it is at Outdoor Resorts Indio in Indio, California.

It’s quite pricey, but it’s a nice place to stay. We were in town to visit mom and dad, so we thought we’d do it just this once. The RV lots are owned, but some owners rent them out. The lots are quite large compared to most places we’ve been and very comfortable. Most of them are decked out with gazebos and outdoor kitchens that include a sink, an oven, a refrigerator, and lots of counter space!
They have a beautiful 18 hole, Par 3 golf course throughout the park. It took us awhile to get up the nerve to golf there, because neither one of us golf and the course is surrounded by RVs upwards of a million dollars. If our ball were to hit any one of those rigs, we would be responsible for the damage. Come on now, if you’re going to park your million dollar rig on the golf course, don’t you think…??? I probably shouldn’t get started on that topic.
We used whiffle balls at first, but after some instruction from my dad, we got the courage to use real balls. And I discovered golf is fun! I kind of want to do it all the time!
I’m a little upset about my 9th grade gym class where I got my first introduction to golf. I could not hit the ball! There was no one on one instruction; no one showed us what we were doing wrong, so I decided then and there, that golf was not for me. I’m now regretting all the years I’ve missed out on this game due to the rash decision I made when I was young.
We finished this year’s West Coast exploration by heading over the mountains and into San Diego one weekend. We had a nice time there, visiting Little Italy, Cabrillo National Monument, Hotel del Coronado, Safari Wild Animal Park and a cute little shopping area called Seaport Village.
Little Italy is mostly restaurants with amazing aromas coming from each one. Believe it or not, we weren’t hungry when we walked through there, so we didn’t eat there.

Cabrillo National Monument was fun. We enjoyed the views of San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean, visited the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, saw some Coastal defense relics and checked out the big statue of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. The lighthouse was cool, and we both liked the winding staircase inside.

Hotel del Coronado was pretty. They filmed a movie called SOME LIKE IT HOT there. It’d be fun to stay there sometime. The place is rich with history, shopping (window) and a gorgeous view out back.

Safari Wild Animal Park is huge, allowing for nice long walks, with several tram ride choices available for animal viewing. These were quite expensive, so we chose the one included in admission.

Seaport Village was cool as well. Lots of nice shops. I especially liked the Tile Shop, because it was filled with beautiful Mexican tiles. I’m thinking it’d be nice to redo the floors in the RV!
We really enjoyed spending time with my parents. Thanks Mom and Dad for teaching us to golf, showing us wine country, introducing us to your friends out at their beautiful ranch, celebrating our birthdays at the country club, taking me along with you, Mom to the Women’s Retreat, letting us teach you how to play HAND AND FOOT and for hanging out with us at the RV resort.

It’s always difficult to leave my folks, but it was time to head out to meet up with Gordon and Christy or “G & C” as we like to call them (they don’t know that yet). Well I guess they do now! We were able to visit with other friends in Yuma as well, before hitting the road with “G & C” to caravan to Texas. We’ve been having a blast traveling with them! Looking forward to telling you about it later. Take care y’all!
Love, Trevor & Roni