Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Views Outside Our Window

As we continue to travel across the country, we are more and more convinced that we ARE NOT the result of a cosmic accident and that the words of the apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans were divinely inspired: “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.” Romans 1:20 New American Standard Version.

I would love to show you the views outside our window as Trevor drove our home through the winding mountain roads between Montana and Washington, but I’ll spare you the gory bug guts.

We are constantly amazed however, at the sights we see as we explore the areas around us; in Glacier National Park they seem to be never ending. My camera was in overdrive as I snapped pictures along the 1.5 mile hike up Hidden Lake Trail. The trail begins behind the visitor center at Logan’s Pass that lies atop the Continental Divide. Abundant wildflowers, streams of melting snow, big horn sheep, and mountain goats were a few of the things we enjoyed along the way. The mountain views, and the views down into the valleys were nice as well, but Hidden Lake is truly a gem. Many find the climb a bit difficult and are tempted to give up before they reach their destination. If you go there, allow yourself plenty of time and take a lot of rests along the way if you need to. Finishing the hike is well worth it! Once you get to the top, you have the option of hiking down to the lake as well. Due to grizzly activity, that trail down was closed the day we were there.

Another gorgeous trail there is Avalanche Trail. This trail is about 2 miles up, about 500 feet, through deep forest, with mountains and a beautiful stream that runs along the side of the trail. There’s a sign posted at the beginning of the trail warning that this is grizzly country, but we never saw any. Many find this trail difficult as well, so note the above, and finish the trail. At the end, there’s beautiful mountain scene containing 3 waterfalls and a gorgeous lake.
Needless to say, the park is awesome. There was a lot of road construction going on, so by next year, the Going To The Sun Road should be an even better drive up to Logan’s Pass. We didn’t mind being stuck in traffic though as I was able to take a lot of photos and Trev got to do some Bouldering (not really, this is a fake-out picture).

On our way to see Eureka, MT one day, we came across a lookout road leading to the top of Mt Marston. Thinking it’d be fun to check it out, we soon discovered it to be a very rough, dirt, rock- (or should I say boulder) strewn, fire lookout road. It was very rough on the car, and with it being a one lane road with two way traffic and no guardrails on a road climbing 4,000 feet, it was a little rough on our nerves as well. But the view from the top was amazing! It was well worth the trip with views of both Montana and Canadian mountains. You would think the air at the top of Mt. Marston, although a little thin, would be really fresh, wouldn’t you? We wouldn’t know, because our mouths, noses, tongues and lungs were so full of that dirt road, it was about all would could taste and smell the rest of the day.

We weren’t too excited about the view when we arrived at our spot in Washington, because although there’s an awesome view of Mount Baker from the park, you have to look through the local oil refinery to see it.
We did get a little excited though when sirens started going off at the refinery and we heard what sounded like an evacuation announcement coming over the loudspeaker. Turned out it was only a drill, but it seemed like they had a lot of drills!

Upon further exploration of the area, it turned out to be a nice place to visit after all.

Washington Park has a 2.2 mile loop road we liked to hike as often as we could. The loop takes you up high and down low (nothing like at Glacier, but still a good hike), through deep forest, and along waters with plenty of big rocks and sea life. We enjoyed watching a sea lion wrestle with a freshly caught fish and watching ferries haul cars and people through the bay with views of the San Juan Islands and the Olympic mountains. We took a ferry to San Juan Island on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

We enjoyed the sights of Roache Harbor, conversation with another couple visiting the area, and the sight of a big grey fox, something neither one of us had seen before.

While in Washington, we got to visit Seattle on two occasions where we enjoyed visits with family and coworkers and enjoyed local attractions as well.
We’re on into Oregon now. I’ve got some awesome pictures I plan to share with you next time.
We love and miss you all! Take care.
Trevor and Roni