Sunday, May 1, 2011

“It Was A Dark And Stormy Night...”

-Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, Paul Clifford (1830)

It was near midnight on April 19th. The National Weather Service had just issued a tornado warning for our area. While we contemplated just how serious the threat might be to us, the power went out. We thought it might be wise to make a run for it.

With only the beam of a small flashlight and an occasional lightening bolt, we made our way to a nearby building where we thought we might be safe. We hesitated as we drew near the building. Knowing the doors had been open for awhile, we wondered what danger might lurk inside. Would we be able to spot a raccoon in the deep, black, darkness before it spotted us?

We slowly shined our meager light into each stall, all the while listening for movement within and thundering winds without. I soon found myself standing in a puddle. The dampness on my feet, combined with a familiar, distasteful, smell, helped form the decision to tell Trevor we were about to make a dash for the other end of the building. This meant having to go back outside, but there are some things that to me, are worth the risk.

Our steps slowed for the second time that night as we approached the other side of the building. These doors had been open as well, making it necessary to do another thorough sweep of stalls. As we stepped through the door, we stopped suddenly to determine the source of a faint screeching sound. Hearing nothing, we slowly continued to inspect the room. There it was again! Thankfully, it was just the sound of my jacket scraping against the cinder block wall! Relieved it wasn't an animal, we gained the courage to continue the raccoon hunt at a faster pace. I for one, was especially relieved when the task was finished. I thank the Lord our emergency shelter is a restroom building!

I have always had a great fear of tornadoes. As I sent up prayer for protection, the Lord was sent down a lot of peace. At one point the winds sounded like the tornado could be very near us, but as I crouched between two cinder block walls, I didn't feel fear. I felt peace. Peace is nice.

There were no further incidents that night. Since Trevor works in our Living Room, the T.V.'s never on during the day. So it wasn't until the 5 pm News, that we learned there had been extensive damage done by the tornado. As we drove around town the next evening, we could see that the nearest damage to us occurred at the Dairy Queen about a mile away. They lost their sign. Trevor thinks they should now call their Blizzards, Twisters.

Today marks the one year anniversary of our great adventures. We're often asked if we're tired of this yet. We find it hard to believe anyone would get tired of this!

Saying Goodbye -Alpharetta, GA

Badlands National Park -Wall, SD

Medicine Bow Mountain -Cheyenne, WY

Mount Evans in Colorado

West Lafayette, IN

Jim Thorpe, PA

Rockingham, VT

Scarborough, ME

George Washington's Back Yard -Mount Vernon, VA

Skyline Drive, Shenandoa National Park, VA

Mrytle Beach, SC

Destin, FL
Corpus Christi, TX

Van Horn, TX

Usery Mountain Regional Park -Mesa, AZ

Joshua Tree National Park in California

"Bummer" Greenwood, NE

The Little People in MN

Before The Wedding
Our Newest Neighbor

It never occurred to me there'd be another time we'd have to run to that building in the middle of night. Imagine my surprise when close to a week later, at about the same time, we heard the tornado sirens going off. There wasn't even a storm in the area!

Our dear neighbor (who has no fear of tornadoes), saw us making a mad dash to the restroom building. He was kind enough to walk over with a key that turns on the lights. It was great to have light and the pleasure of his company.

When it was all clear, we went back to the RV to get some sleep. As soon as we laid down, some tremendous winds kicked up. They were so strong, we could almost feel a big oak tree falling on us. I have to say, we had an awesome time of worship at 3 am. Singing songs of praise, praying for protection for us and all our loved ones in the South. That was when the peace fell on both of us and we were able to finish the night in a peaceful slumber, even though the winds continued to roar outside.

We were shocked and saddened to hear the morning news filled with details of the devastation that took place through the night. We thank the Lord that our loved ones remained safe. We ask that everyone reading this will join us in prayer for comfort for those who lost loved ones.

We miss you all dearly, think of you often, and pray for you as well. Looking forward to when we can see each of you again. The weather's been crazy this year. Be careful out there! We love you!

Love, Trevor and Roni