Thursday, January 10, 2013

Endless Summer

Except for a minor deviation to attend a wedding in the snow, Jennifer!!!
we’ve been enjoying an endless summer for a couple of years now and it’s been great! The above happy couple did make it up to us when they grabbed the little people, left their winter wonderland, and came to visit us here at Sun N Fun in Sarasota, FL. We had a lot of fun but at times, not a lot of sun.
On Christmas Eve, we had an early dinner and took a Sunset Cruise aboard LeBarge, where we enjoyed the Sarasota Bay waters with an accompanying breeze, wildlife, music, and a hint of sunset behind the clouds.
Christmas Day: No sun, just fun. We enjoyed a traditional Christmas dinner at Boondocks, a buffet restaurant here in the park, some pool and spa time, and mini golf after dark.
The following day, we visited the Big Cat Habitat. It’s a place where big, old, cats go when they retire from the Circus. All of the old cats seemed to love to pose for the camera. At Lido Beach that evening, we watched a man catch some air and do some hang time. We thought that was pretty cool! We were hoping the sun would make an appearance before it dipped below the horizon, but it was much less spectacular than on most evenings. At least it didn’t upstage the football game on the beach!
When we heard the sun was to make an appearance for most of the following day, we scheduled Sports Day and tried to play as many sports as we could in the park in one day.
We were only able to squeeze in Frisbee Golf, the jumping pillow, tetherball, and a bean bag toss before the big sporting events of the day opened up: The Hippo Slide, Hamster Ball and The Wibit (an inflatable obstacle course).
The following day was to be beach day, with or without the sun! It wasn’t bad in the morning as we shopped for bathing suits in Siesta Key Village, but by the time we got to the beach it was sketchy at best. It was quite enjoyable to watch the little people build sand castles and sculptures and to hunt for shells on the beach.
The next day, the sun was out, shining in all its glory. Of course it was. It was the day our sweet people had to fly home! We killed time together in Downtown Disney until it was time for the sad goodbye. The weather’s been perfect ever since, but definitely lacking a certain atmosphere.
With the influx of the annual snowbirds, more activities abound in the park. We’re looking forward to breaking in the new Bocce Ball court and discovering what new things await us. We’ll let you know what we find. Keep warm guys! We love you! Love, Trevor & Roni