Sunday, February 23, 2014

RV Remodel Before and After

This “before” photo was taken before we moved into the rig almost 4 years ago. It looked pretty nice didn’t it? But it wasn’t long before things were just plain worn out.
We got the inspiration for our “Shabby Beach Shack” remodel over wings at Hurricane Grill and Wings in Orange Beach, Alabama.
Since my last post, we got the new white curtains to go inside the sea foam panels, put the real wood veneer on the walls, installed new flooring and did something special in the bathroom!
Here are our “before” and “after” photos. The first two photos of the new remodel I’m posting are for color reference. I used two different cameras for the photos. With one, the color was good but the angles weren’t the best. I like the angles with the other camera but the colors are off.

I like the curtains a lot. But I don’t think I like them all that much in this space, especially in the booth area. May have to change that up! Wish me luck!
Take care dudes and dudettes!
Love, Trevor & Roni