Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Diggin The Blues

Still making our way toward Seattle, we camped in Salt Lake City for a week in order to drop in on one of Trevor’s co-workers one evening. After making a stop at Macaroni Grill for take-out, Dave and LaVaun took us to their beautiful mountain cabin in the woods. We had a great time with this fun-loving couple as we enjoyed tasty food and lively dinner conversation in the sweet ambiance of their quaint, cottage style cabin.
Their cabin is a writer’s dream. Rich with history, ambiance and fresh mountain air, it’s perfect for getting the creative juices flowing. I was not at all surprised to hear that someone wrote a book there. The following week, we met up with our friend Penny at her home in Incline Village, NV. We really got to digging the amazing blue water as she took us on a tour of Lake Tahoe. We’d never seen anything like it. Many of my friends have often raved about Lake Tahoe. I was finally able to see why!
Traffic around the lake was really something, though. We were glad we stayed at a KOA in Verdi, NV, where it was nice and quiet. We made another trip out to the lake that week so we could hike on the Rubicon Trail. We arrived pretty early in the morning in order to beat the traffic, but by the time we finished our hike at 10 am, traffic was already jacked, stacked and backed.
The area between Verdi, NV and Truckee, CA is so cool! As we drove along Interstate 80, we felt like we were part of a toy train set. There were mountains with high and low train tracks, rivers, rocks, bridges, and old wood flumes that they used to send logs down the river on. I wanted to get some good photos, but high speeds and traffic along the route, made it difficult to pull off in the right spots. There was an emergency rescue behind the RV Park on the 4th of July. Some of the photos I took of the scene will give you a tiny hint of the toy train scenery I was telling you about. But take a look at the rescue chopper! Isn’t it a beaut?
We visited Virginia City one day, which, due to traffic and road construction was about an hour’s drive from the KOA. It’s a very touristy town made up of little shops in old west buildings. The mountain views around that town are pretty nice!
On the way to Salem, Oregon to visit Ron and Sugar, we stopped to take a look at Crater Lake. Our friend Christy told us it was beautiful, but oh, my! We thought Lake Tahoe was blue! Take a look at Crater Lake! Have you ever seen anything like it?
Trevor enjoyed playing in the huge amounts of snow on the way out of the park. When we lived in Minnesota, there weren’t too many occasions we could enjoy the snow in just a t-shirt and jeans.
Our new campground’s only an hour from the ocean, so we plan to check that out one of these evenings. Being by all of this water’s been truly enjoyable after being in the desert for so long! We only wish that you were here to enjoy it with us. We love you guys! Love, Trevor & Roni