Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Still Truckin

It's been so long since I last updated our blog, I thought I should take a moment to let you know we haven't driven over a cliff somewhere. We've just been really busy with friends and family.

While still in Ohio, we attended our nephew's wedding and had a nice time visiting with family there. On our way back to camp, we stopped to tour the U.S. Air Force Museum. We really enjoyed this museum. So many planes! So many other interesting things to see and to read about! Two planes just made me laugh! One, a C-123K in the process of being restored, looked like one of those silver bullet RV's, only with wings. The other one, a North Vietnamese MiG-17 Fighter, bore a strong resemblance to a Perch. Do you see it too or is it just me?

We arrived in Minnesota on June 19th, just in time to celebrate Father's Day with Trevor's family. We had a great lunch and visit at his sister's home, before heading to a campground further north, where it was convenient to visit with friends and family in that area. We experienced a bit of deja vu when, on the second night there, a tornado came through town. Much like our Ohio visit, on the second night there, the nearest damage to us was about a mile away from the campground. We were beginning to think we were tornado magnets or something.

Soon the Dog Days of Summer were upon us, the heat at times being pretty unbearable, for me anyway; I hate heat and humidity. The nice thing was, we had already arranged to take vacation time during the hottest week, where we bore it out with our granddaughters at an awesome place called Kamp Dels.

Kamp Dels has everything! A lake with fishing piers, and pontoon boats for rent. A gift shop, store, and snack bar. Tennis courts, basketball courts, mini golf, horseback riding, pony rides, a driving range, and our most favorites of all, a petting zoo, a swimming pool and a water park! Guess where we spent most of our time? When we weren't in the water, we were feeding the animals in the petting zoo, right behind our RV. On our first night there, I heard a strange sound in the middle of the night (4 am). I thought one of our granddaughters was having an asthma (they don't have asthma) attack or something. It turned out to be a young rooster just learning to crow. It was funny to hear, and we especially appreciated him waking all the other roosters up, because we didn't want to get too much sleep while we were on vacation!

Kamp Dels also has many activities going on all the time. They had a Scavenger Hunt one, very hot evening. Because of the heat, none of us wanted to participate, except for my oldest granddaughter. She was bound and determined to do it, whether anyone else joined her or not. We decided to take her to the location in question, but we were going to sit with a bottle of water and watch. When we saw the list, we realized, we had all but 3 of the items in the RV, so at that point we became a team. One of the items we didn't have was a worm. The other one was a cup of lake water. When Trevor stopped to get the lake water, there was a boy fishing on the pier there. Trev borrowed a worm from him. Upon turning our items in at the office, the girls each won a token for a free ice cream cone. When Trevor brought the borrowed worm back to the boy on the pier, my oldest granddaughter gave the boy her ice cream token. The boy wasn't catching any fish, so we're hoping the ice cream made him feel a little better about his day.

We're currently staying in an awesome place where we share a serene setting with wild and tame animals alike. The management is great. In fact, we love them like our own children. Oh wait, they are are our own children. My granddaughters are here, and we've had such a great time together, learning how to sew their first skirt, practicing Krav Maga skills, bike riding, movie going, and traveling in the RV. It's been fun to watch them build “Stuffy Town”. I have a very creative family, and these two are making their own mark at a young age. They've built a whole town for their stuffed animals, with every kind of business you can think of, homes, apartments, etc. The stuffies even went camping with them and their Auntie Pam and slept outside in their own tents!

There are only two more weeks before we leave here to head out for new adventures. In the meantime, we've still got a lot of visiting to do. We'll miss Minnesota, the place where people work hard, play hard, and crash hard, but at the same time, we're looking forward to what lies ahead. I just got my camera out of the shop, so hoping photos at a later date will be better than the ones attached to this post! Take care guys! We love you!

Love, Trevor & Roni