Sunday, October 27, 2013

Home Remodeling

Summer traveling with the granddaughters was great. The last leg of our trip included a stop at a Jellystone Park in Wisconsin where we met up with friends Jack and Mary, visited with Trevor’s brother and his dogs,
     camped and did some horseback riding with one of our daughters and her husband, and just by chance, ran into our other daughter and her husband (whose kids were traveling with us) at a restaurant near the place they had military training that week. It was such a surprise! And what a happy coincidence for the girls to see their parents!

Talk about coincidences, the only day we could squeeze in our horseback riding plans at Woodside Ranch in Mauston, WI was on our wedding anniversary. Woodside Ranch was where we spent our honeymoon many moons ago! There have been quite a few changes to the place over the years, but one thing that remains the same is their awesome breakfast ride.
Participants get to choose their own horse and then take a nice little trail ride into the woods to a big outdoor griddle where the cook is cooking up French toast, pancakes, sausage, bacon, breakfast potatoes, and eggs.
Coffee drinkers enjoy coffee in enamelware cups and everyone enjoys a delicious breakfast deep in the woods.
Our youngest granddaughter fell in love with horses that day and has since saved every penny earned or given to her toward the purchase of her first horse.
 She is too young to comprehend the responsibility, not to mention the cost of caring for and maintaining a horse, but we’re very impressed by how determined she is to make it happen. We hope it happens for her someday at a time and in a way she’ll be able to handle all the aspects of horse ownership.
Summer blew by quickly after that last stop with lots of visiting, a wedding and family time over Labor Day weekend.
Just when we thought the fun was about to end, we got to take Trevor’s parents on a cross country trip through plains, rolling hills and gorgeous mountains, to one of our favorite places, Washington State.
 We left them alone to experience the RV life in Anacortes for a few days while Trevor and I stayed downtown in Seattle. On our return, it was clear the RV life is not for them (or maybe they just hated the view),

 but we had a lot of fun showing them the sites around Anacortes like Washington Park, Mount Eerie (so beautiful!), the view from Cap Sante Park and the many antique shops downtown.
Saving the best for last, we took the ferry out to visit Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor on San Juan Island the day before we left. We love it out there. So many beautiful sites to see, not only once there, but the way out is gorgeous as well. I found my dream home on the island that day and it just happened to be for sale! But at 1.5 million, Trevor said, “No!”(he’s so mean!
Leaving Washington, we set our sights on South Dakota to see the sites Trevor’s parents have never seen before.
We did the Wildlife Loop at Custer State Park, had the world’s tastiest, most awesome buffet lunch at State Game Lodge in the park, saw some pretty rocks, more wildlife, some stony faces, and snow.
Yes, snow! I haven’t touched snow in a long time. A snowball fight with Trevor was invigorating, but the temperatures have been so cool, I got cold! And I didn’t like it!
I cannot wait to get back down south where I belong!
In the meantime, we’re doing some home remodeling. Things are just plain getting beat up and worn. We love the beach, so we’re going with a shabby beach shack theme.
I think the theme works really well for an RV, because things get so worn and beat up, it just looks shabby. So why not make that a part of the décor, so you can be happy and enjoy it, instead of being freaked out when your cabinets get all dinged up when your dishes go flying out of the cupboards.
With the soon to be new décor, any dings will only add to the character and charm of the place. We still have a lot of work to do, but it’s going to be great when it’s done. I can’t wait to show you the finished project. Hope to be able to do that soon! Take care guys. We love you!

Love, Trevor & Roni





















Thursday, July 11, 2013

Crazy Summer

During our stay in Pensacola, FL this spring, we found this nice little place on Perdido Key called Perdido Cove RV Resort and Marina. We spent the rest of spring there on a site on the bank of the Intra Coastal Waterway. We had a blast watching all kinds of boats and barges and birds and dolphins go by.
It was tough to pick out the type of boat we’d like to live on when we leave RVing behind for open waters. So many to choose from! I’m sure the choices will be much different years from now when we’re actually ready to do that, but it was fun to play our little game anyway. Meanwhile, we kept getting photo texts of the piles of snow being dumped on our family in Minnesota. We felt so bad for them, having to endure such a long, hard winter. We felt really guilty for taking so much pleasure in the white stuff we got to deal with.
It was hard, but we waited patiently for the last big snowstorm to pass before we headed north for our annual visit.
We stopped in Alabama on the way to say hey to Brad and Phyllis and got to enjoy seeing Brad’s band play in a benefit concert. Then we spent a couple of weeks with our son Mike in Indiana, before arriving in Minnesota to begin our crazy summer. After a couple of weeks of visiting, we loaded the granddaughters and all their stuff in the RV and took off for new adventures with them.
Our first stop was at Pirateland in Myrtle Beach, SC. I was really hoping to take them on the one mile walk in the dark to catch the sunrise at the fishing pier that Trevor and I have enjoyed so much, but with them being too close to teenage years, trying to get them out of bed in the morning seriously wasn’t worth the hassle. We did enjoy the large pool, the lazy river, horseshoes, paddle boats, mini golf, the arcade, and feeding swans and ducks before heading next door to Lakewood Camping Resort. Both resorts are great family places! It was so hot, we spent most of our time in the pool or the ocean. If you have younger children (who rise before 10 am) there are many planned activities for them in both parks.
We planned our next stop to the Colonial Williamsburg area in order to get some learnin into the young ones. Over three days, we visited Colonial Williamsburg, Historic Jamestown, Jamestown and Yorktown. There were lots of cool museums, people in historic costumes, and interesting replicas and restored buildings of times past. We had a lot of fun, although we did have a bit of a discipline problem that needed to be dealt with early on. Ha, ha!
Fellow RVers know that a class A is pretty comfortable for two people. Once you get more than that in there, it’s pretty chaotic. The trick is, if you’re a perfectionist you need to get over it! Take a few times a day to pick up, but mostly just spend the whole day outside and enjoy yourself! We’ve fully enjoyed our time so far. We dropped the girls off on Thursday to visit their other grandparents in West Virginia for a week. We’ve just been hanging out in a sweet little park in Virginia about an hour away from them. The silence this week has been deafening! That little problem will go away in the morning when we load the girls into the rig again to set off for more adventure. Hey Dad! In answer to your question about who Myrtle is, it's the name of common bushes in Myrtle Beach. Enjoy your summer guys! We love you! Love, Trevor & Roni