Friday, June 25, 2010

Box Elder Creek, Black Hills, SD

We survived the storm, no major damage, just a little spot from hail on the roof of the car. The next evening was so beautiful we thought it'd be a great night to head out to Box Elder Creek for more fly fishing. We're getting a little better at it. I had a couple of hits on my line, but Trevor actually caught one! I saw it on the end of his hook as he reeled it to shore, but then he lost it. Still, we had a great time out on the creek until a storm came out of nowhere like it always does around here.

As we drove back through high winds and rain, we realized we hadn't put the awning in on the RV before we left home. Not a pleasant sight when we returned! The awning was blown up over the top of our roof. The arms of the awning were broken, a mirror was knocked out, there was a small buckle at the edge of the roof, we got some dents in the top of the roof and a plastic vent cover was broken. In the end it'll cost several thousand dollars to fix. Praise the Lord for insurance! The more experienced campers were having a great time with the rookie Rvers. Everyone knows you put your awning in before you go anywhere or at least have it tied down! Kind of an expensive lesson to learn, but we won't be making that mistake again.

Last night was much more fun. Our neighbors took us 4-wheeling up the hill behind our camp. It's such a pretty ride up the hill. We passed an area of the Black Hills National Forest, and the evening sun coming through all those pine trees was so surreal. And the view from the top of the hill was great! Trev said we were looking out at about 40 miles of land.

It was great visiting with our neighbors afterward. They showed us pictures they had taken of the elk, deer and turkey that pass through this camp. They also told us about different adventures they'd gone on, and showed us a picture of the130 lb. Halibut that LaVee caught in Alaska. Sounds like lots of fun reeling that thing into the boat. I'd love to try it.

Later, we had dinner at the Steak Fry the camp puts on every Thursday. One of the work campers used to teach photography and showed us pictures of her work. I can only dream of taking pictures that good some day. She helped me out a bit with my camera today. I've been having trouble getting my lens to focus. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't and as you'll see by today's pics, the last time I used it, it was not cooperating. Mary assured me that it isn't me (that's a relief). I guess my camera needs to spend some time in the shop. They said it'd take a month for me to get it back and no, they don't give out loaners in the meantime. No matter, we won't be here in a month, so until we settle down somewhere for awhile, please be forgive the fuzziness of our pictures.

We hope all of you are well. We miss you lots!

Love, Trevor and Roni

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  1. So sorry about the storm damage to your RV. I'm glad you are safe and sound. Sounds like you are having a great adventure so far.