Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little People

Little People

Because of our love for them, we decided to hang around Minnesota a couple more weeks so we could spend their first week out of school with them.

The girls and I are having a great time! Swimming, killing bad guys at the arcade, playing on the teeter-totter and riding interesting bicycles, (or tricycles)? And sometimes Grandpa even gets to join us when he's done with work.

I love technology! I don't know how to use it, but for now, it only matters that Trevor and his buds at JH do. It's so awesome! The girls went home for the evening and Trev and I are sitting here outside the RV, “kind of in the woods”, Trevor working on work stuff, me writing, and enjoying the setting sun and the smell of campfires around us. I could do this full-time!

We've been having a wonderful time visiting and catching up with friends and family since we arrived here on May 2nd. We're both so grateful that we were able to spend time with our parents. With each of our parents being such active people, you're never quite sure if you'll get to see them or not.

As I (Roni) wrote the above, I realized the same is true of all our children and their families too. Between work and school and everything else they have going on, although the time we spent with them could never be enough, we're so grateful for the time we did have with them here.

We are sorry we weren't able to meet with some of our family and friends and hope we'll be able to see you when we make a swing back around this way again. In the meantime, we will keep in touch. But Mary, you really need to get a computer!!!! Lisa, tell your mom and dad to get a computer!!!!

But now at last when Friday evening comes and Trevor shuts down his computer for the day, we'll begin the real adventure. One that many of us have always dreamed of, God in His great love and mercy has allowed us to do! As we travel around the country in our 36' Diesel Pusher, we'll keep you updated with each of our adventures, let you know where we are, and if any of you happen to be traveling in the same area at any given time, maybe we could hook up along the way. First stop will be Sturgis, SD (well, maybe a Walmart parking lot along the way). As we keep you updated as to where we go next, please feel free to tell us about good places to visit.

We've already met some very interesting people. In our first campground, we met a retired BCA agent. When I began my little stint toward Law Enforcement, my secret dream was to become a BCA agent. I could have listened to the man all night. There was also Sue and her husband who had their own trucking business before the economy took a dive. We learned a lot of interesting things about the road from them.

A couple of days ago we met a woman in the new campground who's been traveling alone in an RV since her husband passed away about 32 years ago. She hopes to continue until her 90th birthday which is only 2 years away. She's done and seen a lot of interesting things and gave us many suggestions of things we can see and do out there. I pray this woman will make it to her 90th birthday and that we'll meet up with her again out there.

I can't wait to develop skills as a writer, I can see that I'm going to have inspiration I couldn't get anywhere else.

We miss all of you in GA so much. You'll be in our hearts and minds and prayers all along the way. The same will be true of our families and friends as we leave MN. We love you guys!

Love, Trevor and Roni


  1. Yay! I'm the first to comment! This is going to be awesome!

  2. We are tracking you here in Colorado! I'll check which jeep trails that 36' Bad boy can do! Ha! Good job on your writing. Be sure to take in the Bad Lands- interesting.

  3. Hi guys, we miss terribly:( I know God is working through you and your travels:) Don't forget to use those talents God has given you both and create another left behind series. Lol
    Love, Kirk & Joan

  4. Thanks JoAnn. We were wondering. How big is your driveway?

  5. I love keeping up with you on this blog!
    The pictures are amazing, hope you are having good weather.