Thursday, January 27, 2011

We Found It!

We found the warm weather we've been seeking! But not as quickly as we'd hoped. We thought, “Surely it'll be warm down in Corpus Christi!” The only thing warm in Corpus Christi, was my heart when I saw my brother and sister-in-law for the first time in so many years!

It was such a blessing to see my big brother who stood by me through some rough times as I grew up. He was the one I drew strength from as we shared some of those times together and the one who stood by me as I struggled to face trials of my own as I grew older. He always seemed to call or come by at just the right time as if he knew I needed someone to cheer me up or just to keep me company. I'll never forget what you did for me brother! It was good to see you and I hope it won't be as long before I see you again. But if it is, at least I have a more current picture of you!

We left Corpus Christi early Saturday morning and although it took us two long days to reach our destination, we did enjoy views of mountains and prairies and got an interesting view of Mexico as we drove along the border.

We're currently in a town near Phoenix, Arizona, called Surprise. And Surprise! It's sunny and warm here! We've finally attained our goal of reaching warmth before winter's over.

This being a 55+ community, we are a little young to be staying here at Sunflower Resort, but thankfully, they agreed to let us in anyway.
We've become accustomed to wide open spaces, so it's a little claustrophobic near the motor home, but there's no lack of things to do here.

Just off the top of my head I can tell you there's a lap pool, social pool, a spa and a hot tub. There's a gym, bistro, library, billiard hall, wood shop and special events in the ballroom. There are rooms for silver jewelry making, pottery, sewing, leather tooling, stained glass art and woodcarving. There are courts for tennis, shuffle board, pickle ball, bocce ball, ladder golf, horseshoes, and a couple of driving cages where you can practice your swing (if you have one). On top of all of this, there are numerous activities going on all over the place.

If you want to come here, don't hesitate to give this place a call even if you're not 55+. Chances are they will let you in. The people are very friendly here (as most of them are from Minnesota), but they stop you all the time to ask you if you're here to visit your parents. A small price to pay for all these amenities!

As we take in the warmth and soak in the much coveted rays of sunshine, we'll be thinking of each one of you, because we miss you so much. We love you!

Love, Trevor and Roni

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  1. This place sounds a lot like the place my brother use to stay in Surprise. Are you going to take up Pickle Ball or woodcarving? If I was there, I think I would try them all! Sounds like a fun place.

    Don't be afraid to contact my brother in Yuma.