Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where's The Heat?

It's a little colder than I expected it to be down here in the South! I'm not complaining, because I know some of you have had to shovel your car out of the snow at least once this week. I totally empathize with you. It's just that I've always been under the impression it was swimsuit weather all winter down here. My friend Dianna tried to warn me it was a little colder than that, but it was hard for that to compute after seeing the snowbirds arrive in Minnesota year after year with such awesome tans. I want to know how they do that. I can count on one hand the number of times it's been warm enough to wear a t-shirt in the two months we've been here.

Before leaving Destin, Florida, we had the great pleasure of seeing “the little people” who spent their winter break with their dad at Eglin Air Force Base. It was kind of sad they had to bring their winter jackets with them to visit us at our place on the beach, but we did manage to get them into sweaters and even swimsuits a few times before they had to head back to Minnesota.

On our way to Corpus Christi we spent a week in New Braunfels, TX, where Trevor was able to muse about his roots as we read the many historical markers telling the story of the German people who settled there. Our daughter Jennifer and our friend Bob have each spent time in the area so we were able to get a good heads up on what sights to see.

We saw the view from the Faust Street Bridge built in 1887. It's no longer in use for cars, but is lined with benches where you can relax and watch the Guadalupe River. We had dinner at the Gristmill Restaurant in nearby Gruene, built in a cotton gin from the 1870's, we took a look at Gruene Hall, built in 1878, it's the oldest continuous running dance hall in Texas, and we went to a beautiful nearby town called Canyon Lake. On the way into Canyon Lake, is where you really start to see the hills of Texas Hill Country. We liked the hills and Overlook Park where you get a great view of the town, the water, sailboats, fly fishers and birds.

There's a beautiful, relaxing view of the Guadalupe River from the deck of Bubba's Big Deck in New Braunfels. The Guadalupe floods pretty badly at times. You can see a high water mark in a tree off the deck at Bubba's. Bob told us the water was 6 inches higher than that during the June 9th flood there. The river looks like a great place to be in the summer if you like tubing on the river. The river's loaded with tube rental places. We've heard it gets pretty crazy around there.

We arrived in Corpus Christi on Sunday afternoon and words cannot express how happy I was to see my brother Bill and my sister-in-law Patti on Monday evening. It's been too long and I know when it's time, this departure's going to be a tough one. But I hear it's in the 60's and 70's in Arizona!!! Stay safe and stay warm!

Love, Trevor and Roni

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  1. Hi Roni & Trevor!

    It's 19 degrees in GA this morning, and we still have 6" of snow with an icy crust. The mail hasn't been delivered in 3 days, and there was no trash removal this week. However, the sun is shining. Once the temperature warms things up the melting will begin.

    So glad you are enjoying your long overdue visit with brother Bill. Now that you are mobile, you will be able to come back to TX more often. Trevor, I didn't know you are German. So am I.

    Take care dear friends.