Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sedona, Arizona

Spontaneous trips are the best! Trevor and I were hiking at White Tank Mountain in Buckeye, Az Saturday morning, when we got the idea to go to Sedona for the rest of the weekend.

By the time we finished our hike, took care of some business in town, booked a room, packed our clothes and made the 2 hour trip to Sedona, it was well past dark when we checked into the hotel. We were tired and under some delusion we'd be checking out of the hotel the next day, so we went to bed early, completely unaware of what surrounded our hotel. When Trevor opened the curtains in the morning, we couldn't believe what we were seeing! The whole town was surrounded by big, beautiful, red rock mountains. It was clear to us we were going to need another day!

As we drove north toward Oak Creek Canyon, the only word coming from my mouth was, “Wow!” The views everywhere were so breathtaking, it was hard to believe it was real.

The landscape changed quite a bit all through our Sunday drive, from the dry, cactus filled rocks of Sedona, to the snow capped mountains of Flagstaff. We arrived back at the hotel just in time to take a little hike on Margs Draw Trail before sunset. We thought about doing this hike earlier in the day, but there was so much to see and since it was located right behind our hotel in the city, we didn't think this trail could have that much to offer. We were so wrong!!!

It's all wilderness up there. The beauty of it is indescribable. Your eyes take in so much more than the camera's able to at one time, so photographs cannot come close to the beauty that your eyes behold.

Margs Draw is linked to a whole bunch of other trails. You could easily hike for days up there, but you could easily get lost as well, so be careful if you get up that way, bring lots of water and pay attention to where you're going. If you have a terrible sense of direction like me, do not hike this trail alone, unless of course, you want to spend the rest of your days in the wilderness. Then is a great place to start!

We've never been disappointed with a spur-of-the-moment trip. We did this one, not even realizing it was Valentine's Day. We could not have planned a more romantic trip!

We hope all of you are doing well. We love you and miss you lots.

Love, Trevor & Roni


  1. Hey Roni and Trevor thanks for sharing all the great pics and commentary. You guys are really seeing America now. I wish we were there to share them together. We love you and miss you, Kirk & Joan