Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh, The Distractions!

While in Virginia, I was able to make a lot of headway on the book I'm writing. Except for the slight concern there may be a flood in the park, there wasn't much to distract me during the pouring rain. But this new place is going to be a problem!

We've parked our home just steps away from the ocean, where thundering waves constantly call my name. I do oblige the call at sunup when Trev and I go for a morning stroll, but it never quits. As I prepare to do the laundry, “Roni!” As I sit down to write, “Roni!” As I prepare dinner, “Roni!”

Along with a never ending show of color and wonder, the ocean knows exactly how to entice me with new treasures it leaves for me each day. You would not believe the things to be found out there! Birds feasting at the river that meets the ocean, beautiful arrays of shells sprinkled on the beach, winged birds and military jets that soar over the water, blow fish washed up on the beach, and interesting things that inquiring minds would like to take home to dissect if their husband didn't forbid it! I want to know, what is this thing???

When we've taken one last stroll on the beach at sunset, when we've hunted for our last treasure of the day, I look forward to bedtime when at last, the thundering waves turn to whispers and gently lull me to sleep.

I think we're really going to like this place!!!

Trevor and Roni