Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Cutest Sound

The cutest sound to me is that of a baby laughing hysterically. The runner up is the sound of birds walking across a rubber roof. Each time we hear it, it makes us laugh.

A lot of baby Cranes and Starlings visit the campsites here. I googled Starlings yesterday and learned they're part of the Mynah Bird family. An article said in some areas they're used as pets, and if you say the same word to them 50 times a day for three days, they will repeat that word back to you. I spend a lot of time outside while Trev's inside at work. I plan to use this information to freak Trevor out. He's going to walk outside in a few days and hear his name being called from all the trees, bushes, and rooftops. Trevor! Trevor! How cool will that be?

Myrtle Beach is full of wildly fascinating things. Trevor said I'm like a 3 year old when we're out on the beach. It's because, not unlike a 3 year old, most things out here are new and exciting to me. There are the things I showed you in the last post, but there's been much more since.

I've seen schools of small crab make their way out to the ocean at sunrise, a live Sand Dollar washed up on the beach, schools of Mullets jumping out of the water, a Shark diving down after them, fishermen pulling in Skates and Sharks, flocks of Sea Gulls and Pelicans diving for food, and a fishing pier highlighted by awesome sunrises. How could one not be fascinated but such wondrous things?

And the fish we caught when we went deep sea fishing on Saturday! I caught a Trigger Fish, so named because it has two fins on top of it's head. If you try to push the first fin down, it won't budge. But the second fin goes down easily and brings the first one with it. Like a trigger.

Trev had an interesting catch that day as well. He caught what they call a Piggy. Or Pig Fish. When you pull this fish into the boat, it grunts like a pig. I've never heard anything like it before!

It was supposed rain, so we didn't set the alarm to beat the sunrise today. I wish we had, because it hasn't rained yet, and I sit here wondering what all we missed this morning. And so what if we had gotten wet? If it's raining too hard I won't bring my camera, but we'll continue to beat the dawn from now on and if I can't photograph what we find, I'll just have to tell you about it.

We hope all of you are well. We love you!

Love, Trevor and Roni


  1. You write a great script. You should write a book. When you read it and add the photos it's like we are there. Can't wait to see you guys in November. Blessings, Kirk & Joan PS a little farkle maybe:)