Thursday, September 23, 2010

Whale Tales

If you're looking for a beautiful, quiet, serene place to relax, Vermont is the place for you! But make sure you arrive before the leaves begin to peak in the fall, because we heard it gets pretty crazy around there. The hills surrounding Brattleboro are loaded with trees so you know when the leaves have peaked, it's quite a show that most wouldn't want to miss. When we arrived there on September 11th, the leaves were just beginning to change so we were able to explore the place in peace and quiet. The area is home to THE VERMONT COUNTRY STORE, a place many of us have seen only from a mail order catalog. We heard the original store was a fun place to visit, but since it was an hour away we chose to see their other store closer to “home”. If you're into nostalgia, you'd love this place.

What we really enjoyed though, was the peace and beauty of the scenic landscapes, the covered bridges and the tranquility that hung in the air. As we traveled through Vermont I absolutely fell in love with the place. But then we got to Maine!

Our first night here, Trevor enjoyed his first freshly caught lobster. I'm not a fan of seafood, but I did enjoy the little science class we held at the table as we dissected the carcass that contained Trevor's dinner. I never knew lobsters were as gross as I had expected!

Every year my parents rent a house for a week on the ocean in Kennebunkport, Maine. (Hi Mom and Dad!) They've been telling us for years what a beautiful area it is, so we put it on our itinerary for our trip down the east coast. We had a great time visiting with them and my aunts and uncles there. The place really is gorgeous and an awesome place to sit and relax on the deck with the ocean just a few steps away. The downtown area is filled with quaint little shops where you can shop your heart out (if you don't live in a motorhome), and not far from there, you can view Former President Bush Sr.'s compound situated on a small peninsula on the ocean.

On Friday we pulled up stakes and went north to Bar Harbor for the weekend. Saturday morning we visited Acadia National Park. What another beautiful place. You don't see many people without a camera there and for good reason!

In the afternoon we went on a Whale Watching Tour. We had so much fun! Saw a lot of whales, but mostly their backs as they were logging at the surface of the water and then their tails as they went down for a dive. I did catch a quick glimpse of one whale's face, but didn't catch it with the camera. I was really hoping to see one jump out of the water, but we still had a great time! If you ever go on one of these tours, SIT IN THE BOW OF THE BOAT! It was pretty cold out there on the ocean and you would think it'd be best to sit on one side of the boat or even inside, but contrary to popular belief, the best place to be is in the front. I don't know why, but it's much warmer there, the ride over the waves is a blast, and the view is great! Near the end of the four hour trip Trev and I toured the rest of the boat. Saw a lot of people green around the gills and not enjoying the trip at all. We made haste back to the bow where it was much more fun.

Sunday morning we went back to Acadia for a hike before heading back to Scarborough, Maine. You can get a pretty good workout there on hikes that lead you through the woods and onto rocks along the ocean shore.

Our stay here at Bayley's Camping Resort is coming to an end. This is a nice place with lots to do. The ocean's nearby, where hurricane Igor contributed to our viewing pleasure by blessing us with roaring waves filled with surfers. Back at the campground there's fishing, swimming in any of their three pools, soaking in the hot tub, kayaking, mini golf, basketball, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, some of these things are off season now, so we didn't get to enjoy them, but I'm sure as we head down south, some of these things will become more available to us.

Leaving here, we'll be off to visit my sister in Washington D.C., then down to Virginia and on to Myrtle Beach for awhile. Looking forward to seeing y'all down south real soon! We miss you all, North, South, East and West!

Love, Trevor and Roni


  1. Great photos! What fun you are having visiting all these great places. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  2. Wow, I need to go to Vermont. Love you guys! Tammi