Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scanning My Life Away

When I began scanning the family photos a couple of months ago, I had no clue what a chore I was in for. Here I sit, untold hours into this project on a Sunday night, still at it. I feel like I’m scanning my life away. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed reliving my life through the memories brought back by each photo, but I’ve felt as though the present is quickly slipping away. When I looked through our most recent photos though, I realized I’ve been having much more fun than I thought. We’ve actually been pretty busy! See, if I don’t keep up on this blog, I forget where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing! We left Sarasota in February and settled in Fort Myers for a month. We were tempted to stay on Sanibel Island, but the prices were as hideous as the traffic. We chose to stay at Siesta Bay RV Resort instead, located just before the bridge to Sanibel; still a bit pricy, but without the traffic headaches. Pam flew in for a brief visit. We’re always trying to woo her into taking a traveling nurse position in Florida so we can see her more often, so we made sure we packed a lot into the two days she was here. The fun included tanning the light, Minnesota skin while searching for shells on the local beaches, taking a Dolphin Cruise from Sanibel Island, enjoying the ambiance of waterfront restaurants, and going on a Manatee Sightseeing Eco-Adventure near Naples, FL. No Florida winter is complete without some deep sea fishing, so Trevor took a Friday off so we could knock that out. We had fun, but didn’t get the catch we usually do. I’m accustomed to catching a trigger fish every time we go out. I missed that this time. No matter, Trevor consoled me by taking me to our newly discovered favorite restaurant, “Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grille”. There are two of them, but we like the one in Fort Myers best. Another place with great ambiance! It was here we discovered a new author by the name of Randy Wayne White. I’m just into his first book in the Doc Ford series, which we purchased right at the Fort Myers restaurant. I’m looking forward to reading it. I’ve talked to others who’ve really enjoyed his books. When we left Fort Myers, we spent a couple of nights in Orlando where we were able to meet up with my friend Mary. As a skilled photographer always anxious for new photo opportunities, she picked me up and took me to Gatorland for the day. We had a couple of camera issues, but we worked them out and enjoyed our time together, photographing birds and gators. Trevor and I also had the opportunity dine with another skilled photographer we’ve wanted meet. Until now, we’ve only known him from an RV forum. It was nice to meet him in person. Tom’s a great man, who does great work and is always willing to teach you something new about photography. After Orlando, we went to Destin for two weeks to visit Mary and Bob who rented a condo on the beach. The water there is the pretty turquois, emerald green color with sand as white as snow. What a wonderful place to be! The view from their living area and the balcony there was totally mesmerizing. We enjoyed catching some good rays with them, meeting their friends, sharing wonderful dinners together, and playing many games of Hand and Foot in the evenings. We recently took a trip to New Orleans so Trevor could attend Microsoft Convergence there. One of his coworkers brought his wife as well, so Yolanda and I spent many hours shopping and sightseeing while the guys attended the conference. In the evenings, the four of us attended different conference events and checked out the local cuisine. For a girl who’s felt as though she’s been stuck in the house a great deal, I’ve really gotten around! I’m feeling much better about it all now! I have to ask you though, is this cute or what?! Take care, guys! Love, Trevor & Roni

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